Americans Were Warned Years Ago that Communism Would Destroy America

by Phil Schneider

Communism was the source of the main conflict between the West and the East between World War II and 1989. Before the end of World War II, the Soviet Union was already well into their takeover of large swaths of Eastern Europe. It all began to crumble in the mid 1980’s when the impact of the Reagan policies brought massive economic pressure on the Soviet Union. In order to compete with the USA, the Soviet Union had to invest money it didn’t have in weapons. That left even less financial ability for the Soviet Union to spread across it’s massive landscape.

Outside of the McCarthy era, the threat of communism was largely a threat from outside the borders of the United States of America. The Cuban Missile Crisis was perhaps the closest that the two countries came to an all-out war between the two behemoths. It is possible that Khrushchev was not intending to attack the United States, but to blackmail the United States in order to gobble up more land under the Communist empire.

But in today’s day and age, there is a strong move towards a more centralized government that will control more and more. The ideas of communism sound so engaging and so fair. The weak point of the United States, according to this important clip, is the racial tension that threatens the social fabric of the United States. The key word that is used is socialism – but that really is a codeword for Communism. The word socialism is used to grow government more and more, until reaching the point of a massively powerful government that is totalitarian. Remember, communism is the biggest threat that faces the United States of America and the entire Western world today.

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