The silence when Arabs spill Jewish blood

by Phil Schneider

Boomerang’s Weekly Terror Report makes it perfectly clear – there is a double standard when Arabs spill Jewish blood. It simply does not matter to the enemies of Israel when Jews are killed by Arabs. It is very important to understand that Israel’s implacable enemies – both in Israel and outside truly do not care about Jewish blood. Well, the world better get used to a new world order. As of the existence of the Jewish State, Jewish blood is no longer cheap anymore.

Jewish Population Growth Through the Last 70 Years

Following the unprecedented Nazi murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, the Jewish Nation shrunk down to around 11 million. However, the few hundred thousand remnants of the Holocaust could not stay in Europe in displaced person camps. Most of them came to the Land of Israel – whether legally or illegally – as the British Empire did not allow immigration. From around 300-400,000 people, the Jewish population in the Land of Israel ballooned up to around 600,000 people by 1948 when the State of Israel was declared.

However, within a few years, once the State of Israel opened up all of the borders and allowed free immigration through the Law of Return, the Jewish people returned in the millions. By 1952, there were more than 2 million Jews in the Land of Israel. By 1967, there were around 3 million Jews in the country. today, there are around 7 million Jews in the Land of Israel. Although the threats of terror against the Land of Israel exist from both within and outside the State of Israel, the general welfare of the Jewish people is better today than nearly anytime else. This is due to one thing – the Israel Defense Forces.

The biggest change that has happened to the safety of the Jewish people in the last two thousand years is the formation of the Israel Defense Forces. No longer will Jewish blood be cheap as it was for so many generations.

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