Friends of murdered Israeli teen compose beautiful tune to her poetry

by Leah Rosenberg

It is completely heartbreaking. How much longer do we have to hear about another murdered Israeli teen? A baby? A mother? Or a father? When will peace come?

Ori, the Murdered Israeli Teen

Ori Ansbacher was murdered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist on February 7, 2019. Why? For being a Jew in her homeland. She was innocently walking in HER land. Is that such a crime? And a terrorist raped and brutally murdered Ori. She was only a teenager, just 19 years old.

When you hear the way her family and friends speak of her, you feel the pain. You feel the loss of the special soul that was taken from this world in such a tragic and brutal way.

Ori’s Poetry

Ori loved poetry and writing. Her neighbors and friends composed a tune to a poem that Ori wrote. They sang it at the Shiva house, the house of mourning. When you hear the words of her poetry, it is obvious how special and talented the young teen was.

When Will There be Peace?

When will there be peace? The world blames Israel for the lack of peace, but that is just ludicrous. The media is silent when Ori Ansbacher, a young and innocent Israeli teen, is murdered. They blame Israel for “occupying” its own land. How can they allow a Palestinian Arab terrorist to do such a horrifying thing without condemning it, at the very least? Where are the calls for the Palestinian Arab leadership to educate with peace and love instead of war and hate? There cannot be peace with the Palestinian Arabs until they value life. Until their leadership stops naming streets after terrorists. Until they condemn spilled Jewish blood and not praise the murderer with words and money.

May Ori’s memory, as well as all the memories of those murdered by terrorists, live on forever.

Arab Incitement
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