The show that would have been impossible 72 years ago

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems like just a show of planes, jets, and helicopters. But this Israeli Air Force show is so much more than that. We cannot take it for granted.

Israeli Air Force and Independence

Israel’s Independence Day Air Force show is more than just a show. It is a symbol of freedom. It is a symbol of the pain and struggle that the Jews endured before finally returning home. No, it may not have been easy to get there, but it is most definitely worth it – then and now.

Independence Day in Israel is a day that represents the strength and continuity of the Jewish nation. It is not just a day that celebrates the rebirth of a state of any nation. Israel’s Independence Day celebrates the return of a people to its ancestral homeland after thousands of years of exile. There has been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel since the nation first entered the land in Biblical times. But since being exiled, they were controlled by foreign nations. It has been 72 years since the Jewish people finally regained control of the land of Israel.

Israel’s Independence Day, or Yom Ha’atzmaut as it is called in Hebrew, is a day that reminds the Jews that no matter how scattered they are, no matter how shattered they are, G-d will always protect them. G-d will never let them disappear from the face of the Earth. Nation after nation may try to destroy the Jews, but Yom Ha’atzmaut reminds us that they will never succeed. Regaining control of an ancient homeland, despite the physical threat of so many enemies, seems impossible. And even through the continuous threat of Israel’s neighbors, Israel has remained strong and determined. How many countries’ very existence is threatened constantly? Ever year on Yom Ha’atzmaut, and really everyday, Israel is reminded of the miracles that G-d performed and continuously performs for the nation of Israel.

Count the number of persecutions. Count the number of times a group of people has tried to physically or spiritually destroy the Jews. And yet, the Jews are still here to tell their story. How miraculous is THAT?

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