The shocking link between Corona, Trump-Russia collusion hoax, and riots

by Phil Schneider

Is there a constant attempt to bring down the Trump Presidency – that has been on-going from even before the Trump inauguration? This unique book claims that there is a direct connection. Meaning, General Flynn was targeted for a specific reason, in order to go after the Presidency.

Why does the Trump Presidency drive some of his opponents so crazy? Perhaps it is because Donald Trump is such a major disrupter. He changes the game on multiple levels. First off, he attacks the media mercilessly, and brings down the general reputation of major press outlets, like CNN and others. But worse, Donald Trump has brought more non-voters into the Republican side, in a way that could bring the power of the Democrats down substantially.

There is often a question as to whether or not the forces that work against a powerful leader are above board or under the table. In the Watergate scandal, the accepted view is that the government, led by President Nixon, indeed committed a crime, which ultimately led to the unraveling of his presidency. President Trump is no saint, and probably should be censured for the way he treats many employees and certainly rivals. But, to accuse him of being a crook may be very difficult to prove. The way to take over the Presidency is via election, not via coup.

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