How intersectionality means you have to hate Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It has become a popular thing to hate Israel. People think that if you support women’s rights, Blacks, and minorities, then you have to be an anti-Zionist.

Why do People Hate Israel?

There are two main reasons that people hate Israel. One: They are antisemitic. Two: They are ignorant and misinformed.

The antisemites will use any excuse to blame Israel and the Jewish people. They will spread the most absurd lies about the one democracy in the Middle East. Sometimes, the lies are so ridiculous that you wonder how anyone could believe such stupidity. Yet, there are people who do believe it.

And that leads to the ignorant and gullible people in reason number two. They believe everything they hear about the Jewish state even though they have no proof. They believe headlines and narratives without trying to find out the truth for themselves. These people spread the lies without knowing the first thing about what the Jewish state is and what it stands for.

Israel, Women’s Rights, & Minorities

It is ironic, really. Israel is surrounded by countries that murder anyone who disagrees with their policies. Women are treated as second class citizens and even worse in those countries all around Israel.

And then comes Israel. Israel is a shining light and a glimmer of hope in a turbulent area. They give women and minorities equal rights. Women can vote. Arabs can vote. Both can serve in the government, the army, be doctors, lawyers, and anything else. Everyone is treated equally in Israel.

The truth is available for everyone to see. If only more people opened their eyes.

Motivation for Terror
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