The secret to why IDF soldiers are the best trained in the world

by Leah Rosenberg

Why do IDF soldiers succeed? Why is Israel still around despite its numbers compared to its enemies? Here’s the answer.

IDF Soldiers Pray to G-d

Israel is a Jewish state. So of course, its soldiers are going to be Jewish. It’s true, not all IDF soldiers are Jewish. There are Muslims, Druze, and Christians as well. Each prays to G-d in his own way. And not all of the Jewish soldiers are religious. But for those who are religious, they take the time to pray to G-d. That is the only way to succeed in defeating Israel’s enemies, and they are well aware of that.

And so, even during training, these soldiers need to take the time to pray. They read from the Torah scroll during the prayer service as well. The soldiers dedicate their time and energy not only to the people of Israel but to G-d too.

It is important to spend time praying to G-d. It’s clear that the modern state of Israel is a miracle. It’s clear that the survival of the Jewish people for thousands of years is a miracle. According to nature, the Jewish people should have been destroyed long ago. What better way to thank G-d for the miracles than to pray to Him and follow His commandments? We can all do our best to connect to G-d and create a relationship with Him. It is definitely worth it.

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