Biden Admin Silent about Alleged Massive National Security Breach by Kerry

by Leah Rosenberg

Why won’t the Biden admin talk about this? Why won’t they investigate? This is disgraceful! John Kerry should be held accountable.

Biden Admin Should Hold Kerry Accountable

What has to be done for the Biden admin to hold one of their own accountable for breaking the law? John Kerry should be investigated. There must be consequences. If he actually did leak secrets to Iran about Israel, that is punishable. It’s horrific. Israel is an ally. Israel is a democratic, free state. Iran? Iran kills its own people. Iran is the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism. And that is who Kerry wants to support? Something is very, very wrong.

This is no longer a matter of politics. This is a matter of moral and immoral. People can have different opinions and views on life – but within reason. Those who support a country like Iran while stomping on countries like Israel need a major reality check.

The American people count on their leaders to keep them safe. They count on their leaders to make decisions that will be good for their country and their allies. And clearly, some leaders have let them down. No one should want a leader that gives into a terrorist regime like Iran.

Dr. Risch

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