Seeing Israel then and now is proof that G-d exists

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s transformation from a desolate land into a flourishing country is proof that G-d exists. Just take a look!

Proof that G-d Exists

This is nothing short of miraculous. G-d exists. You don’t even have to look further than the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

The Jews have been the target of oppression and persecution basically since the beginning of time. For thousands of years, individuals and nations existed who wanted to destroy the Jews spiritually, physically, or both. And of course, time after time, G-d saved the Jewish people. The Jews still exist, and those nations and people do not. Naturally, people who are kicked down so often might feel downtrodden and want to give up. And yet, the Jewish people never gave up. They continued to thrive and build, despite all their destruction throughout the centuries.

And that is why the modern state of Israel is so miraculous. In just a few decades, the Jewish people turned a desolate land into a flourishing place. They created and created. They turned the dull into the glorious. G-d clearly waited until He returned His nation before allowing the land to grow.

Seeing a flashback of Israel “then” and comparing it to how it looks “now” is proof of the pure miracles that G-d has performed for the Jewish people. Israel is still under the threat of annihilation, yet that thought does not inhibit the Jewish people’s desire to create and build more.

Maybe this is just a simple video showing Israel then and now, but it really shows much more than that. It is proof that G-d exists, and that He takes care of His chosen people.

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