“President Biden has been Awful, Damaging and Hurtful to Race Relations”

by Phil Schneider

The Derek Chauvin trial has been used by Democrats who are completely consumed by the environment outside of the courtroom. Was Chauvin guilty of manslaughter? Yes, says Ami Horowitz. But to say that Chauvin should be found guilty of murder is a completely different story. This trial is a classic situation of the outside environment impacting the judicial process.

“He has in both word and deed been radical in his presidency,” Ami Horowitz told Sky News. The worst statements on this matter came from Representative Maxine Waters who travelled to Minneapolis during the trial and pushed for more anti-police confrontation. She said the following, “We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

How on earth can a normal judicial process occur when Congresswomen are calling for massive protests outside the Courthouse? Mr Horowitz said the United States had “absolutely no proper judicial process when it came to the Chauvin trial.” This may seem like it is about Derek Chauvin’s intentions or non-intentions. But in truth, this entire saga is about tow things – Is the United States an inherently racist country, and whether or not the police need to be strengthened or weakened. Those who are calling for Derek Chauvin’s head are those who think that racism has always been and still is a major part of the makeup of the United States of America. Those who think that he should be guilty of murder – not just manslaughter – are those who think that the police have too much power and need to be defunded.

This may seem like local issue. But when the enforcement of the law is weakened – as those who call for defunding the police would like – then, the society can very easily descend to chaotic norms. The protests and riots of the summer of 2020 are probably just the beginning – especially in cities where the police are being defunded. The radical and socialistic agendas that Biden has supported are yet another step in the direction of less order, less unity, and more racial strife.

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