The real reason the left hates Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Dave Morrison breaks down the logic behind anti-Israel attitudes that pervade many of the left wing.

Support for Israel Waning?

Do most Jewish people support Israel?  I think the answer is yes.  However, many people, including Jews in the United States have moved from genuine liberal ideas to confused progressive ideas.  And then they live with a conflict between supporting Israel and not supporting much of it’s policies.  Sometimes, people reach downright anti-Israel opinions.  If the measuring stick is “how liberal is Israel,” then Israel measures up rather well.  But, if the question is “how progressive is Israel?”, then Israel doesn’t look as great.

Weak Country, Strong Country

When Israel was a weak country that fought against multiple enemies on their borders for the first couple of decades, Israel suffered from massive terror attacks.  Over the next few decades, Israel’s army became stronger and stronger.  Thank God, the idea of a weak state of Israel filled with Jewish refugees that lived solely on miracles is over.  Israel is now a strong and modern country that no Arab country has a chance of destroying.  Iran may still harbor these grandiose ideas.  But the truth is that Israel will destroy Iran if they actually plan to bomb Israel with a nuclear weapon.

It is better that Israel is strong and considered a Goliath.  One of the lessons from the Holocaust is that without strong weapons and a strong State, the Jewish people will get killed.  A strong State of Israel is the best answer.  It is much better that Israel is “too strong” for some people’s tastes.  Well, it’s time that young people understand that a strong Israel is here to stay.  Those who think weakness is a virtue are out of touch with the new reality.

Arab Incitement
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