Former Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian diplomats – and it wasn’t to support the U.S.

by Leah Rosenberg

Former Secretary of State John Kerry does not realize that he has no power anymore to represent the United States of America. Secretary of State Pompeo is correct to warn Kerry and his other advisers that they better hush up or else he will have to act to stop them.


Former Secretary of State Kelly is not just misguided. He has alot of chutzpah. One of the things that ex-Presidents and ex-Secretaries of State all know is that when you get elected out of office, it is time to leave the stage. This is something that former Secretary of State Kerry does not understand. Even ex-President Obama seems to understand this better than Kerry. Obama has spoken out against President Trump since the election. But what Kerry did – actually meeting with Iranian leaders – is unprecedented.

Kerry on Iran

Almost every move that Kerry made as Secretary of State vis-a-vis Iran was wrong.  It is not even a surprise that after the nuclear agreement proved to be a failure, there was no admission of a mistake by Kerry.

Back in 2017, Lawrence Haas wrote in the US News & World Report, “LIKE AN ALL-TOO-PROUD father rejecting a teacher’s legitimate criticism of his child, former Secretary of State John Kerry is defending the U.S.-led global nuclear agreement with Iran that he engineered from the legitimate concerns of Iran-watchers in the Trump administration, Congress and the private sector.”

No one to negotiate with

Kerry thinks that the US used it’s best judgement.  But the basic fallacy that affected his entire policy was the attitude that Iran was a reasonable country to deal with.  Neville Chamberlain made the same mistake when he negotiated with Hitler in pre-World War II.  And – yes – the leadership of Iran and Hitler are similar to each other.  The fundamental difference between them was belief in Mohammed.  On most other things, they have very similar dangerous totalitarian beliefs and goals.  History teaches us that some leaders only understand force.  Iran is an excellent example of that.  In the coming months, we will see if Iran will back down once sanctions start to really hurt.


Arab Incitement
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