Jordanian “Palestinian” bashes European Parliament for their policies on Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Are you ready for some clear-headed logic about Israel from a Jordanian?  Where in the Middle East do masses of Arabs have the best place for a good job?  Israel.  Where do Arabs receive the high-paying jobs as in Europe?  In Israeli hospitals, Israeli building projects, and Israeli small businesses.  Leave Dubai out of the discussion.  Israel is the best place to be an Arab today.


The worst policy that harms Arab people in Israel is the BDS movement.  More Arabs lose jobs due to the BDS movement than any other sector.  The speaker properly asks, “Will you give us a paycheck?”   He thanks the EU for it’s concern for Arab refugees.  But, he understands that no other country provides jobs for “Palestinians” other than Israel.  In Jordan, where no BDS program exists, it is much harder to find a good job.  In the last 70 years, the best place to get a job for any refugee from the Arab-Israel conflict is Israel.

Settlement Construction

There is almost no Jewish settlement today that was not built by Arab construction workers.  If there are around 100,000 homes in Judea and Samaria, Arab construction workers built more than 80,000 of them.  The average home that was built cost around $100,000 to purchase.  (Today, they cost around $200 – $250,000).  Around half of that sum goes to the contractors, and at least 1/4 of that sum goes right into the hands of Arab construction workers.

Do the math.  One quarter of $100,000 is $25,000.  Multiply $25,000 by 80,000 and you get alot of zeros.  Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars go into the pockets of Arab construction workers thanks to the building of settlements.  Just the facts.


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