The Real Number One Cause of Death in America was Exposed – and it’s not Covid

by Leah Rosenberg

Opioids have taken tens of thousands of lives every year in the last decade or two. The amount of narcotics that are circulating across the United States of America are largely supplied via the southern border of the United States. But drug busts are not going up anymore in America – they are going down. Border cartels are having a field day with the open border policies of the present United States administration.

But the real problems of drugs coming in from the southern border are amplified by the defund the police movement which has already brought tragic ramifications to many inner cities in America. With less police and more drugs, the prognosis is only worse for the future of many American cities.

The enforcement arm of the justice system in America is under major attack. Seattle is already reporting a major shortage in police personnel. But it is not just the rise in the number of men and women in law enforcement who are taking early retirement that should be troubling. It is the steep drop in new law enforcement recruits. Why would anybody want to work as a police officer if they know that their odds of being attacked as a policeman or policewoman are far greater than they used to be? Addditionally, if they do what they ought to do and preserve the peace, they may find themselves up against a massive wave of anti-police rhetoric if they happen to subdue or even kill a criminal who may just be the wrong color. \

Law enforcement is a basic building block of a normal society. So is the core family unit. Both of these are under terrible attack by those who want to turn the world into a jungle where men and women are no longer distinct units, but options to pick and choose from. Often, the same people also want to allow criminals to not be arrested and prosecuted, but rather spoken to by social workers. When 911 is predominantly manned by social workers and men and women can no longer be defined as distinct entities, the world is going down the drain. No wonder opioid use is on the rise.

We need a return to normalcy. Our streets and homes are under attack.

Dr. Risch

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