Arab Woman and Her Kids Destroy Fruit Trees Planted by Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Arabs are trying to claim rights to land that is not theirs. And so, they once again ripped out trees planted by Jews. Disgusting!

Trees Planted by Jews Destroyed by Arab Woman and Her Kids

Horrific! Once again, Arabs are trying to destroy trees planted by Jews. The residents of Efrat planted 150-200 trees over the last 6 weeks in the area of Dagan, Efrat. Security cameras caught a woman and her four children ripping out the trees. By the time security arrived, they were gone. And they tore out eight trees.

But the cameras caught which house they went to. And when the IDF soldiers knocked on the door, of course no one answered.

Arabs in the areas surrounding Efrat have been trying to takeover Israeli land. In response, three months ago, the project to build trees on the land began. The Jewish people are trying to keep the land that is rightfully theirs.

The Dagan Slopes spokesperson has said that when they try to inform the army when the Arabs plant trees and build houses on land that does not belong to them, the army only comes maybe a couple times out of all the times.

No one seems to be taking care of the issue, so the residents took things into their own hands. They are not being violent, they are just planting trees and making parks and paths. The land is state land and most definitely does not belong to the Arabs.

A few residents of Efrat have been funding this project from their own money with the help of some donations. But the project is a very big one.

Although during the Shemittah year, which is this year, the land must rest and planting is not allowed, the Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba-Hebron, Rabbi Dov Lior, has granted permission to plant. Why? Because it is a Torah commandment to settle the land of Israel, and if the residents of Efrat do not plant trees and build on that land, the Arabs will steal it.

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The Tree Planting Project to Save the Land

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