The President’s Open Borders Policy is Putting Americans in Grave Danger

by Phil Schneider

In today’s perverse situation in the United States, the Democrat Party is making sure that every person is vaccinated today – except for the hundreds of thousands of migrants who are flooding across the southern border today. That is because the Democrat party wants more than anything to win Texas, Florida and other states in the upcoming elections.

Free and unbridled immigration is a surefire way of destroying the status quo in any country. The way that it is happening in today’s world is such that the odds are very high that there will be tens of millions of immigrants in the United States in the upcoming decades. This was never a policy that the Democrat party espoused. But it shows that the true colors of the Democrat Party are such that they care about one thing more than all else – staying in power.

Every other reasonable country is stopping or limiting flights, or at least enforcing corona checks at their border. But the United States is literally importing the coronavirus via it’s southern border and making believe that the fresh air will somehow solve the problem. The United States is in the midst of making the same mistake that countries in Europe made in the previous decade. As opposed to many other problems, this one is irreversible. Open border policies will bring down America if enough people get in who have no interest in anything but freebies and handouts.

Psaki totally ignores answering the question about this insane policy:

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