The Perfect Response to the Tiktoker Who Lied about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Social media has been exploding with anti-Israel videos and posts. This Tiktoker shared lies, and it spread faster than the speed of light.

Responding to the Lies of the Tiktoker

How can we combat the lies? With the truth. The more they spread lies about Israel and demonize the Jewish state, the more we all need to produce content to fight against those myths. We can use social media for the good and to share the correct information about Israel. This Tiktoker called Emma’s world created a completely false video singing about the Jewish state. And so, Israel supporters responded in a similar fashion – singing, but with the truth.

Here are the words to the real story about Israel:

There once was a land called Judea
Where indigenous Jews lived peacefully
A thriving civilization here 3000 years ago.

Don’t be brainwashed by the news
Learn the truth and learn it well
It always was and always will be
The land of Israel.

But in the year 70 CE (AD),
The Romans claimed their victory
Seized the land and expelled the Jews
Though some remained behind.


And then for centuries the Jews
Were scattered all around the world
Burned and beaten, chased and killed,
They prayed to come back home.

Zionists would pave the way,
By the banks of Jordan a Jewish state
A nation safe after WW2,
With the Balfour declaration.

In 1947
The United Nations had a plan
To split the land of Palestine
For both Arabs and Jews.

But instead the Arab’s claimed
That Palestine belonged to them
And launched a genocidal plan
To push us in the sea.

Da da

The year was 1948
When the Star of David was in place
But terrorism shed more blood
As it does until today.

In a land of love and humanity
Where Arabs and Jews and Christians are free
Where all are treated with dignity
And can worship as they wish.

One day the world will know the truth
And stop defending terrorists
Who claim they’re innocent refugees
As they shoot rockets from schools.

Free Palestine from the Hamas
So we can all live happily
The only country in the middle east
Where we are free


Below is what this video was in response to:

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