Ben Shapiro: World Leaders Laugh at President Biden at the G7 Summit

by Phil Schneider

Dazed and confused. That is the way that Ben Shapiro describes the President of the United States. Joe Biden is now a popular President among the Europeans because Biden doesn’t threaten anyone. Biden is clearly unfit to serve. But, for many people in powerful positions in the United States government, this is a comfortable situation. Biden’s Presidency is basically a puppet Presidency, and there are people who are very much happy with the situation.

Shapiro’s best line is “His aides have a hard job. I have kinds of my own, I know.” The best proof that the President is having a hard time staying focuses is when the media start tossing many questions at Biden all at once. He simply cannot hear much of anything – it is basically just a gaggle of noise. This is typical of what happens to people who are suffering from Dementia.

Biden should be allowed to ceremoniously remove himself from office in the coming months. It is one thing to have a dangerous person in the White House. It is yet another thing to have nobody in the Oval Office. He is not truly operating. We have a United States that is basically being run by Presidential aides that were largely appointed by Biden’s puppet-masters. Lord help us.

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