The people of Hong Kong need the UN, but they are nowhere to be found

by Avi Abelow

MAJOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION! But the United Nations Human Rights Council is silent, obviously. They are too busy condemning Israel for absolutely nothing.

Hong Kong Human Rights Violation

Where is the UN’s outrage at this gruesome human rights violation in Hong Kong? The police went after pro-democracy activists and shot at them from point blank range. Where is the emergency meeting? Do the people of Hong Kong not deserve to be cared about? Do they not deserve to be treated with dignity? Does the UN believe they do not deserve a life of freedom? There are so many questions, and yet the United Nations, a body which is supposed to DEFEND freedom and human rights, says nothing – once again. There is just silence.

They really only speak up against Israel for…well, nothing. They speak lies against Israel. The UN demonizes the one and only Jewish state while ignoring the rest of the world’s problems.

Imagine if This Was Israel

Imagine if this was Israel! The world would go insane. But the thing is, this is not Israel. Because Israel does not murder people for supporting democracy. Israel IS a democracy!

The UN seems to hold many emergency sessions to condemn Israel for its fight against terrorism; to condemn Israel for trying to exist in peace. But for the people of Hong Kong who want democracy, who would love to live in a democratic state like Israel, for those people, the UN has nothing to say. They hold no emergency meetings. And that is EXTREMELY troubling.

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