If the Judean desert could speak, this is what it would say

by Chaya Cikk

This is such a wonderful song. A song about healing and all the things in the world that we as a nation should be fixing. This video was recorded in the Judean desert in Israel. A beautiful place.

Judean Desert

This Desert is east of Jerusalem and goes south until the Dead Sea. Not to be confused with the Negev Desert. Some of the main areas include Ein Gedi and Jericho. The mountain ranges are magnificent and the colors of the sand vary so much it is a beautiful site.

Most importantly, despite the land being desert it is amazing to see what the Jews who have settled here have done with it. Many say the Jews have been able to make the desert bloom. Truly amazing to see communities being built, flowers and trees being planted and animals roaming around.

Furthermore, there are many fun tourist attractions in this part of the Desert. Such as the beaches at the Dead Sea, hikes around Ein Gedi Springs, Masada, Jeeping and so much more. Definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Israel.


We really should ask ourselves what kind of a world we want to leave for our children? Today more than ever we feel the hate in the world. Do we really want a world of war for our children? What about poverty? There is so much of it in the world. What about those people who are lonely? Abused? or Heartbroken?

These things need to get fixed. The world needs to heal from events. Eventually, we will have children who will grow up in a world filled with love and peace and not hate and war. Finally, as the singer, Tom Schiffour says “there is so much we need to mend” “let the healing time begin”. I am certainly ready for the world to become a better place. We need to make this happen one step at a time.

Arab Incitement
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