British Protestors Support “Auschwitz Gassing” of Opponents

by Avi Abelow

British “remain” protestors have fallen to a dangerously low level of discourse at the recent protests.

Protests right now are taking place across Britain against the steps British Prime Minister Johnson has been taking to follow through on Brexit, according to the result of the Brexit referendum voted on by the British people. As can be seen in the video, the hatred some of these protestors feel for fellow citizens, just because they disagree, is absolutely disgraceful.

It is so unbelievably sad to hear people scream people should be gassed and “people deserve Auschwitz. It is as if people on the left can no longer respectably disagree anymore. Anyone they disagree with is automatically delegitimized. While we have unfortunately gotten used to the catcalls of “racist”, “sexist”, “Islamaphobe” etc. the level of discourse has now fallen even lower with people calling out in support of actual genocide against those they disagree with.

Unfortunately, this attitude and hatred aren’t just in Britain, but in other Western countries too, whenever it comes to the hot-button issues of the left, like any issue supported by President Donald Trump or any issue having to do with for Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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