The PA’s most absurd lie was actually caught on camera!

by Leah Rosenberg

These are the types of stories and lies being broadcasted on official PA TV. But the truth is right there for all to see!

Official PA TV Lies

The PA (Palestinian Authority) is the leadership in charge of the Palestinian Arabs. And these are the types of lies they show on their official TV channel. They claim that Israel targets and kills innocent Muslim children. But the truth is that these Muslim children are jihadists. They attacked an Israeli police officer with the intention to kill. CHILDREN did this. The Palestinian Arab leadership praises those who do such horrific things. They call them “martyrs.” It is so sickening that children are being robbed of a proper childhood and future.

The Footage Tells the Truth

The footage of the terrorist attack is hard to watch. You can see as the children run up to stab the policeman. Only then do the other policeman shoot. Israel does not protect their people with the hopes of killing the enemy. They hope they never have to lift their gun and use it. But the reality is, they do. And that is the fault of the Palestinian Arabs and their hatred. There is no occupation. Israel does not mistreat the Arabs or target innocent children. The claim that these child terrorists were “executed” on a “pretext” is the most absurd lie ever. The police shot the terrorists in self defense.

But the ignorant and antisemitic people of the world just listen to what the terrorists say. They do not care about what really happened. Even when it is all caught on camera.

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