The only person in Hollywood sharing the truth about race

by Phil Schneider

Hollywood is not the best place to find the truth about race. Race relations is not based on systemic racism. Race relations are based on how people’s morals are built up, and that comes from the home. Denzel Washington is right on. It all indeed comes from the home, not from any problem with the American system.

Sociologists who studied the causes of juvenile delinquency had thought in the past that the root cause was poverty. But study after study found that there were many children who ended up on the streets who came from very wealthy homes too. Moreover, there were many young children who became dropouts at the young age of 10, 11, or 12. So, then what is the root cause?

Washington says that if you want to believe in yourself and work hard to succeed, you need to set goals, work on discipline, and be consistent. These are values that come from the home. When the home is healthy and includes a Mom and Dad that serve as role models for this, then juvenile delinquency rates drop to very low rates. The system that works is a system with a Mom and Dad at home at the top. The system that doesn’t work is a system with a Dad in jail and a Mom that has to work two jobs in order to put food on the table. Then, the children are raised in the streets. That is the problematic system – not deep seated racism. The solution to all problems is in the home.

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