A Judean morning routine in Israel reveals the secret to Jewish survival

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the secret to Jewish survival? How have the Jews remained for so long? The answer might lie in this morning routine.

The Secret to Jewish Survival

The secret to Jewish survival lies in the commitment to G-d. The Jewish people have remained committed to G-d despite the challenges that have plagued them throughout the centuries. Jews do not give up. When things get tough, they push harder. When all hope seems lost, they turn to G-d in prayer. They unite. And although the Jewish people have experienced a fair share of suffering, they do not pity themselves. They view themselves as blessed. Jews are a nation that celebrates life. It is really a beautiful thing!

This morning routine in the Judean Hills gives outsiders a view into a Jew’s life. Not every Jew has the ability to do all of these steps each morning – steps that bring a person closer to G-d. But there are certain commandments that are required of Jews each morning, and that dedication brings one closer to G-d. Every person is unique and needs to find what connects him to G-d – within the realm of Jewish law, of course.

It takes time, practice, and the mental strength to not give up even if you fail at first.

Judaism is not all or nothing. If a person makes a mistake one day, that does not mean he has lost everything he has worked for. It just means that the next day is an opportunity to work harder and improve.

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