The Night in Jewish History We Must Never Forget

by Leah Rosenberg

We must learn and remember all of Jewish history – even the parts that are dark and traumatizing. This is one of those parts.

Learning about Jewish History

The Jewish people are an ancient people. There is so much history to learn and remember. But it is all important. From the Bible all the way to modern times. Jewish history matters. It is crucial to study. There are parts that we wish never happened; parts where our people felt like they would disappear from the Earth. But we never did. We always remained. We always continued on our journey.

One of those painful parts of history is the Holocaust. Kristallnacht was only the beginning of the horrors that were to come. On the night of November 9-10, 1938, the Nazis began their destruction and torturing. They murdered Jews and burned synagogues. They destroyed Jewish businesses and more.

Kristallnacht means “the night of broken glass.” Those who witnessed it will never forget it. And what about all of us? We must never forget it either. We can’t forget all the horrific times in Jewish history. We see that people say those parts never happened. That six millions Jews weren’t murdered. That so many others were not brutally tortured and forced to watch their families killed, gassed, and burned. How can anyone say those horrors never happened?

Sadly, antisemitism is still on the rise. Now, with social media, it spreads like wildfire. The hatred and the vile words can be posted and shared in the matter of seconds. We must fight it. When we say “Never Again,” we have to mean it.

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