Is This Pro-Israel Leader the Future Leader of the United States?

by Phil Schneider

Ron DeSantis is still in his 40’s, and is still just a rising star. But he just went from being the barely elected Governor of Florida to the Governor of Florida who trounced his opponent in his first reelection bid. There is simply no way around it. Ron DeSantis will now be discussed as the frontrunner of the Republican Party if Donald Trump chooses to not run in 2024.

But Donald Trump has given every indication that he plans to run in 2024. So will Gov. DeSantis confront Donald Trump and run against him in the primaries. Probably not. He has so much to gain and so little to lose if he waits another 4 years. He’ll still be in his early 50’s and his children will already have grown up and therefore be able to handle the spotlight of being the children of the President.

Most of all, he will be able to watch Donald Trump, a muslinger like no other, and not have to be the target of the mudslinging. But one thing should be perfectly clear to all who support Israel. Ron DeSantis’ support for the State of Israel is much deeper and broader than the support of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is arguably one of the best friends that Israel has ever had in the Oval Office. But that is not due to a deep understanding of Israel representing all that is good in the Middle East over the last 70 years.

Ron DeSantis is a student of history. He sees right through the lies of the Palestinian Authority and Israel’s other foes. He would not waiver under pressure from elements of the Republican Party that are either isolationist or anti-Israel. DeSantis is a pro-Israel politician with NO negatives in relation to Israel. There are very few others like him. His future is indeed bright.

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