The newest Arab special forces training program – Satire

by Phil Schneider

Is this video a joke? Yes. But it has its basis in the concept that honor is a majorly important aspect of life in the Arab world. When George W. Bush was abroad, he was once attacked by a man who threw a hoe at him. Yes, a shoe. That was not a genuine attempt to harm. But it was a genuine attempt to harm the image of President Bush – at least in the Arab world. Honor killings is a concept that we have a hard time understanding in the modern day. But the concept is very much alive and well in the Arab world.

The psychology of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Many older Israelis remember the time right after the Six Day War. They recall a time when Israelis walked freely nearly everywhere in the State of Israel and the Arabs were fearful to do anything that would cause Israelis to be concerned. This was due to the massive and total victory of the State of Israel in the Six Day War. The mindset of Arabs in the street was one of defeat. Total defeat. That was probably the most peaceful time inside the State of Israel. Of course, it did not last very long. However, it was undoubtedly a time for the Israeli population to aspire to. The best way to achieve peace in the Middle East is through total defeat of the Arab enemy – not through endless negotiations with an enemy who only views negotiations as a tool to achieve a better jump-off point for a war.

Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was asked this very question during the time period that preceded the Madrid negotiations. He was asked why Israel does not come readily to the negotiation table. He responded that the Arab side is an enemy that does not want to negotiate a peaceful settlement. To that response, his questioner then said, “But you don’t make peace with your friend. You make peace with your enemy?” To that, he responded, “Yes. You make peace with your enemy when your enemy wants to make peace with you, but not when your enemy wants to kill you.” This seems like a bit of semantics dancing. But it actually sums up the problem with all of the peace negotiations in the State of Israel very well. When the honor of the anti-Israel side is defeated and they no longer will dare pick up a shoe to throw at an Israel, then we will have peace in the Middle East.

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