Israelis sing “Loud” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Chaya Cikk

October is breast cancer awareness month. This month Israeli’s got together and sang “Loud” by Jennifer Lopez. The unity that is shown here is unbelievable.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness month is in the month of October. It is dedicated to bringing to many, men and women’s attention that breast cancer exists. Many people, I’m sure might not even know about it or where or how to possibly get checked. Additionally, many people across the world, wear a pink ribbon to bring awareness and support this month. Even American football players during games were some kind of pink to show their support.

One more thing to note that thanks to the advancement in medicine, the research in science and technology. The treatment for not only Breast Cancer but other cancers as well have come far. The survival rate is much higher than it was many years ago.

Finally, it is only a simple test to see if you have the gene for Breast Cancer if it runs in the family. To check for any lumps or anything out of the ordinary is simple. This month is to make people aware. So, if you are unaware go talk to your Doctor. Plus, if God forbid it might run in your family or you have it is always better to catch it early. Wishing everyone good health!


Koolulam is an awesome organization that helps arrange these events. Thousands of people gather from all over the country to sing loud and proud. You can sign up to hear about their events via email or social media. Furthermore, these events bring people together from all walks of life. Men, women, different religions, different races. The power of unity here is unbelievable to see. It is amazing that they bring so many people together.

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