The New York Times’ Unforgivable Front Cover Story

by Phil Schneider

Did the United States, England, and other allies, kill thousands of children in World War II in order to defeat their enemies? Yes. Were many of the children innocent? Absolutely. Who was responsible for the bombing of Dresden and other German cities, in which tens of thousands of German children were killed? The answer is Germany. Yes, Germany was responsible for all of the children that were killed in Germany – by Germany’s enemies.

Why is that? Shouldn’t FDR have ordered the United States military to only shoot at military installations in Germany and not to target cities at all? The answer is no. FDR did the right thing. And Truman did the right thing when he bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And the burning of Tokyo by allied bombers, with tens of thousands of innocent children – a horrible calamity – was also the right thing to do. Why? Because it was either going to be American children being killed by German and Japanese soldiers, or German and Japanese children being killed by US soldiers.

A reasonable question is “Why must things be so binary?” Why couldn’t America have been more proportional in the way it fought it’s war? The answer is that one side in the war does not value human life at all and one side does. The United States, Britain, and their allies – except for the Soviet Union – valued freedom and human life. The German soldiers and Japanese soldiers and their allies simply did not. Nobody was more responsible for more death in World War II than Germany and Japan. They were responsible for all of the allied soldiers and civilians that were killed, and for all of their own soldiers and civilians too. Japan killed more Chinese civilians in one month than were killed in Hiroshima. Germany mechanized their killing machine to the point where in one day, they were systematically killing tens of thousands of civilians.

Of course, the world has changed much since then. Germany and Japan have undergone major reforms and are both largely freedom-filled countries that have shed their totalitarian past. But, there are other countries that have clearly not thrown in the towel on totalitarianism. North Korea, Syria, and Iran – and it’s satellites, have not stopped dreaming of a world in which they are major nuclear powers that dominate their regions and can threaten world stability. China is probably the greatest threat of all. Let us not forget that these and any other totalitarian countries mean what they say when they say out loud that they want to have rivers of blood from Jewish children in Israel. Hamas, Syria, and Israel’s other enemies want to kill Israeli men, women and children by the tens of thousands. They are even willing to sacrifice their own children to do this. In so doing, they are a direct continuation of the totalitarian countries that endangered the world in World War II. The New York Times has allied with Hamas and ISIS – yes, they are the same thing – totalitarian Muslim killers – to delegitimize Israel as child killers. The New York Times has joined in the blood libel against Israel instead of siding with the beacon of freedom in the Middle East. A new low has been reached by the legendary newspaper.

Arab Incitement
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