The Must-See Video About The Attack on Freedom Today

by Phil Schneider

The founding fathers of the United States were great men – with flaws. They were not the same, and then as today, different States had very different leanings. Virginia was not the same as Pennsylvania. Some States were more inclined to fighting against the British Empire for independence and some were more inclined to living under the British Empire, though working to achieve more privileges. In the end, the leaders of the American Revolution led a bloody battle that had little chance of success. But the brave band of fighters, under the leadership of George Washington, changed history and the world and formed the United States of America.

The backbone of the the ideas that unified the United States of America into a federal entity and allowed States to operate semi-independently with a national umbrella of a unifying government, were formulated into what would become the Constitution. The document is brilliant and has persevered through the first 250 years of the United States. It is the allegiance to the Constitution that American elected leaders swear to uphold. It is the glue that keeps the United States together.

Through major differences about interpretation of the Constitution, including the most climactic event of all, the Civil War, the United States has grown to be the most powerful country of the world. This was due to massive immigration, freedom and incentives to innovate, and the natural oceanic barriers that have kept the United States safe from enemy attack.

In the 21st century, their are international ballistic missiles that the West’s enemies would use to destroy America if they could. Unbridled immigration of foreign values threatens to destroy the value systems that have built up America until now. But more than anything else, the attack from within on the Constitution and what it stands for, are perhaps the greatest threat that exists today.

Odds are that most of the people who threaten the way of life of America today don’t even know what the basic ideas of the Constitution are. The key aspects of freedom of speech, religion, and bearing arms, are all under attack today. Any time a lunatic goes on a shooting spree, the solution parroted is always to forcefully disarm the masses. Any time someone says something politically incorrect, the solution is to silence them. And anytime somebody brings up a religious belief, they are ridiculed as being out of touch with modernity. All of these solutions go against the basic ideas espoused by the Constitution.

What is actually needed is a return to the basics. A return to the values embedded in the Constitution and a return to protecting the freedoms that are at the core of what built up America to what it is today.

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