The Muslim woman who broke all Islamic norms

by Leah Rosenberg

When you listen to Samina Ali speak, you’ll be surprised by what she says. Hearing a Muslim woman be brave enough to speak in such a way is fascinating.

The Courageous Muslim Woman

This is not the classic speech you would hear from a Muslim woman. It takes courage to speak out like this. Samina Ali’s views are definitely different than the standard Muslim views. Her outlook of the Quran is not something you hear often, and it is intriguing. And the hijab? Maybe it is not what we think!

What it seems the Quran really says about women and the role women played throughout Islamic history both do not seem to be the beliefs amongst most Muslims. Ali explains why that is.

Changing the Words

Samina Ali discusses how Muslim clerics added some words to verses from the Quran that changed everything. It changed the way Islam viewed its women. These clerics issued legal rulings that Ali believes are not based on Islamic texts.

It is interesting to listen to Samina Ali speak. It challenges what people think about Islam. It challenges what Muslims themselves think about Islam. But will her views become the Muslim norm? Will it change the way men view women in the Islamic world? Or will she be silenced and ignored?

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