The Most Newsworthy Story from Lod that the Media Should be Jumping on

by Leah Rosenberg

People say the Jewish people are really one big family. But this proves it. Volunteers went to Lod to protect their fellow Jews.

The Feel-Good Story of the Year from Lod

The city of Lod has been making headlines recently – but not for good reasons. Arabs have been violently attacking Jews. Lod is a city mixed with Jews and Arabs who were living side by side. But sadly, that coexistence is not happening anymore. The Arabs there have made it their duty to wreak havoc, to say the least. They have attacked innocent Jewish people for absolutely no reason. And it is painful to see. People have been badly injured and even killed. And definitely traumatized.

Before last Shabbat, Jews from all over Israel came to spend Shabbat in Lod and protect their family. Was it their blood relatives? Maybe for some. But these Jews just came because their fellow Jews were being attacked, and they wanted to protect them. Whether they know them personally or not, it doesn’t matter. Whether they have differences or not, it doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, the Jewish people are all one family. And at the end of the day, you help your family, no matter what.

It is amazing listening to these people from all over Israel speak about protecting the Jewish people and how it’s a privilege. Listening to them talk about how they came to strengthen the people of Israel – the eternal nation – is heartwarming.

There is truly nothing like being part of this special nation.

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