The video about Israel that’s NOT controversial

by Phil Schneider

This video is entertaining, as are other geography now movies. But take a deep breath. He speaks a mile a minute – for around 20 minutes. The best part of the video is the graphics. The history is actually pretty good, but certainly not perfect. Of course, the main thing that is missing is the basic idea that explains the basic idea behind the Arab-Israeli conflict.

So, enjoy the history, information, and graphics. But don’t let all of this information get yourself confused. There is one reason why the Jewish people and the Arabs do not have a fully peaceful life together. As Dennis Prager so accurately describes it, one side (you can guess which side) wants the other side dead. That really is the most important aspect of everything that goes on in the State of Israel. It explains everything – yes. everything.

So, anytime you hear anybody say that the “occupation” is the source of the Arab-Israeli conflict, ask them why there was a conflict for nearly 100 years before the “occupation.” Ask them how a nation can occupy their own land. More precisely, how can anybody occupy a land that they are the only indigenous people with a true claim to it?

In truth, this video is much more informative than controversial. It is chock-filled with information. So, enjoy the quick-paced video and learn a thing or two about the State of Israel. Just don’t forget the source of all issues in the State of Israel.

Roe vs. Wade

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