The most embarrassing crew in America just got blasted by Brigitte Gabriel

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel destroys The Squad! Someone like her can say what she said. She herself is an immigrant. She herself is not White. So listen up!

Brigitte Gabriel Doesn’t Hold Back

There are not many people in the world like Brigitte Gabriel. She has the courage to speak her mind. She does not hold back, despite knowing that she will be criticized by some. If there is a certain truth that must be said, Brigitte will say it.

And that is exactly what happened here. She has had enough of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib. In fact, many people have. But people are scared to say it out loud. They are scared to address all the wrong that these four have done and all the negative things they have said. But this video just shares the truth!

They are Dividing America

Gabriel talks about how The Squad is dividing America. They are creating problems where problems do not exist. Brigitte Gabriel is Lebanese. She is a woman of Color. And yet in her 30 years in America, she never felt different. She never felt discriminated against. And she most definitely never criticized America the way these four congresswomen do. The Squad has attacked America in an unprecedented way. They have attacked the values upon which America stands. They have spread lies. And they have even condemned America’s allies.

But what have they done FOR America? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Aside from creating an America that NO American should want to see. The Squad does not deserve to be representing America. As Gabriel said, “This is not the type of leaders we need in Washington D.C. They are an embarrassment and an insult to legal immigrants like me.” Well said, Brigitte, well said.

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