The Moment that Biden and the Press Sec. Were Caught Lying Will Make You Cringe

by Leah Rosenberg

The present Biden administration has been operating in a cover-up mode from before Day 1 in the administration. It was clear to everyone at the outset that spent more than 20 minutes with Joe Biden that he did not have all of his faculties. But, his advisors rightly guessed that it could be covered up by careful management of Joe Biden’s executive schedule. Additionally, due to Biden’s 50+ years of experience in Congress and service as Vice President, Biden would be able to muddle through most of the tasks as he was so accustomed to speaking in a Presidential manner. It has worked pretty well for the first 2 years. But the United States, Ukraine, and other countries have paid the price.

What is about to occur is the unraveling of the Biden Presidency around the mid-term elections. It will probably be after the mid-terms when Joe Biden will make the startling announcement to step down and hand the reins over to Kamala Harris. It will be an exciting moment in the history of the United States. A woman will be inaugurated for the first time as the President of the United States.

It will also probably spell disaster for the world. If China has not invaded Taiwan, they most probably will strike within 3-6 months of a Kamala Harris presidency. They know that Harris will choose to talk tough, send military support, but probably do everything to avoid bringing the United States into a potential World War situation.

Kamala Harris is a lightweight on foreign policy. But the larger issue is that the entire Democrat Party is filled with lightweights on foreign policy issues. The only hop of the Democrat Party is to bring in an outsider who will resemble Bill Clinton – not Hillary – and who’s policies will resonate with more of Middle America than Donald Trump. Nobody today seems to fit that bill.

If the present trends do not change, 2022 and 2024 will bring a strong swing towards reinstalling a Republican-led leadership of the United States.

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