Jesse Waters Proves That President Biden Is 100% Compromised

by Phil Schneider

There are various levels of concern that everybody watching the White House should have. One level deals with all of Hunter Biden’s business connections in the Ukraine. But perhaps the greatest concern should be Joe Biden’s connection with China. The influence of the Chinese Communist Party across the United States is more significant than most people realize. One need not be a sworn conspiracy theorist to see clear conflicts of interest between implementing effective US policy in the South China Sea and deep connections between Biden and the Chinese government.

In Joe Biden’s long career in the House and Senate, he was not reputed to be a corrupt member of Congress. The problems may have begun to take shape when he became a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. When Biden became Vice President, he certainly seemed to have all of his faculties in tact. So, it would be a weak argument to say that he was not aware of what was going on during his tenure as Vice President. He looked fine until 2016.

And during the years of 2008 – 2016, it has become crystal clear that Joe’s son, Hunter was monetizing his Dad’s connections very effectively – in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere.

It didn’t seem like a risky move as very little international focus was given to Ukraine or China in those years, except for 2014 when Ukraine hit the headlines for a few months. But during the Trump Presidency, when Donald Trump placed China in the headlights of his international financial policy, the whole scheme of Hunter Biden began to unravel. Joe became an effective liar in order to save his son, Hunter.

Joe Biden has actually lived a rather tragic life on a personal level. He lost a wife and child in a car crash, and then years later, lost his son, Beau to illness. It’s actually rather logical that he would do everything he could to help his children. But, his son was overstepping the line in such a stark way that it was just a question of time till it was unearthed.

China is almost certainly the #1 threat to the West and free world. What the best way to deal with that threat is a very interesting question. But a compromised commander in chief is exactly the wrong way to start off. Donald Trump’s legacy as President will certainly be tainted due to the messy end and the Jan. 6th riot. But there is a very good probability that Donald Trump will be remembered as the first President who refocused the world on the threat that China posed to the world.

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