Making Family History on the Holiest Site to Jews the Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

Last week, on the seventh day of the Jewish month of Av, was a historic day in the Abelow family. It is the first day that we as a family went up to the holiest place to the Jewish people, the Temple Mount.

It was a beautiful and meaningful experience that even included the Mincha prayer service, which is said in a very special way specifically on the Temple Mount.

I can not count the amazing amount of blessings we experienced all together on this historic, family visit.

As more Jews strengthen their Jewish identity, as more Jews reconnect with our true holy place, that we pray to rebuild each and every day, as more Jews strengthen their connection with Hashem, and as more Jews go up to visit the Temple Mount, the sooner we will achieve true peaceful times.

Jews Praying on the Temple Mount

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