The moment college students are asked if Trump or Hitler is worse

by Leah Rosenberg

When college students are asked obvious questions, you would expect them to have intelligent answers. Oh, how wrong we are…

When College Students are Asked…

If you did not watch this for yourself, it would be hard to believe. Is it ignorance? Is it racism? When college students are asked certain questions, is it wrong to expect them to have an answer that shows some awareness of reality? What is it that can cause students in university to believe that President Donald Trump is worse than Adolf Hitler, a mass murderer? How can anyone believe that our president is worse than Joseph Stalin, another mass murderer? It is truly shocking. But then you see what is happening on college campuses throughout America

We Can All Agree to Disagree

We can all agree to disagree – to a certain extent. Yes, with politics we can have different outlooks. We can all have different opinions, beliefs, and views on life. But there is an objective definition of good and evil. And anyone who thinks that President Trump is worse than Adolf Hitler truly needs to do some soul-searching. Or some fact checking. Or something that might take some of the ignorance away.

Because right now, our college students are making the future look extremely frightening. And hopefully, none of us are okay with a future where our supposedly educated college students believe that Trump is worse than Hitler.

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