Candace Owens brilliantly challenges every Democrat

by Leah Rosenberg

Whatever questions you had before, Candace Owens answered them. Her strong voice challenges every Democrat. What will they respond?

Owens Challenges Every Democrat

Candace Owens gives flawless speeches. She is convincing – but not only because she says it well, but because she says is right. Owens says what needs to be said. And she says it all based on facts and truth. That is why it is impossible to refute her arguments. When she gets up and challenges every Democrat, what can they respond? Everything she says is based on truth, history, and reality. And denying the truth is foolish.

Candace Rips Apart AOC

Aside from Candace Owens sharing the facts on the ground of what many Democrats are doing to try to deceive black America into voting for them, Owens rips apart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And yes, Owens has every right to do that because Owens herself is a proud black woman.

AOC treats Black people like they are stupid, as do so many other Democratic politicians. And as Candace Owens pointed out, Trump treats everyone the same. The way he talks to a room of White people is the way he talks to a room of Black people. She has seen it firsthand. Candace Owens is a woman. She is Black. And she is American. If you cannot believe what she says about Black women in America, who will you believe? Joe Biden, who as she so importantly pointed out, advocated for a segregated America and views a KKK member as his hero?

Motivation for Terror
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