WATCH: Rampant Jew Hatred Caught on film at a Major University Conference

by Avi Abelow

Many people today try to push the lie that anti-Israelism, aka anti-Zionism, is NOT anti-semitism. This secret footage taken by Ami Horowitz from a recent conference on Gaza, held by the University of North Carolina and Duke, shows otherwise. It is total Jew hatred on display at a conference hosted by two distinguished US Universities with $250,000 of federal funding. This is not just bad news for the Jews, this is terrible news for America. History shows that any country that mainstreams Jew hatred ends up self-destructing. America, please wake up and stop this snowball effect of Jew hatred.

On Friday, interim UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz released a statement on Twitter condemning the “disturbing and hurtful language” during the performance. He was “heartbroken” over the anti-Semitic song that was performed at the joint UNC-Duke University conference in March about the Gaza Strip.

“After watching the video from the performance at the conference, I was very disturbed, disheartened by what I saw,” he said. “There’s no place for that on our campus, and I’m steadfast against anti-Semitism and extremism, hate of any form.”

“I stand steadfast against anti-Semitism and hate in all its forms,” Guskiewicz said. “The Carolina spirit is not about hateful language that divides us, but about civil discourse that advances ideas and knowledge. We must continue to aspire together to that ideal.”

Duke University President Vincent E. Price and Provost Sally Kornbluth said in a joint statement on April 11, “Anti-Semitism is one of the great scourges of modern life. Its resurgence, as demonstrated by the worldwide increase in hate crimes and incidents, is deeply troubling and should be of great concern to any civil society.”

“Whether it occurs on our campus, in our community, through graffiti, rallies or concerts, in conference rooms or courtrooms, we must all speak out forcefully against actions and statements that target and threaten members of our Jewish community,” they said.

Prior to the release of Horowitz’s video, North Carolina Hillel released a statement criticizing the conference for having biased presenters who “demonized Israel for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and included too few perspectives from scholars who could have provided balanced context and multiple viewpoints on this challenging subject.” The statement did not mention any comments or acts of anti-Semitism.

Obviously, all pro-Israel groups and voices were excluded from this Israel-bashing conference.

The Full Rap Song

Many of the people connected to the conference said that the rap song took lines out of context and misunderstood. Here is the full rap performance. Watch the video and tell us if the claim of blatant Jew hatred in this performance is wrong.

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