Military hero slams Democratic lawmaker for comparing Trump to Hitler

by Leah Rosenberg

Representative Dan Crenshaw was appalled by Hank Johnson’s comparison of President Trump to Hitler. No congressman should ever do such a horrific thing.

Crenshaw Calls Out Johnson

Listen to Congressman Hank Johnson’s words. He compares Hitler’s takeover to Trump’s “takeover” of the Republican party. That is just a dreadful thing to do. It is disturbing, not factual, and insulting. Did Trump murder 6 million Jews? No, actually, he moved the U.S. embassy to Israel’s eternal capital Jerusalem. And he also has been Israel’s strongest supporter the White House has seen. He condemns antisemitism. He has a Jewish son-in-law and daughter. How can Johnson say what he said?

Military hero and U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw calls him out for it. Not only did Hank Johnson insult Trump, but he degraded the millions and millions of Trump supporters.

Crossing Lines

Everyone makes mistakes. But too many Democratic politicians have crossed every line in the book. From Ilhan Omar’s blatant antisemitism to Hank Johnson’s comparison of President Trump to Hitler. These congressmen and congresswomen must be condemned. There must be consequences for their actions. Because as Americans, they are not practicing American values. This is not how politics should be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But for a U.S. congressman to make it personal, to lie, and to compare the president of the United States of America to Adolf Hitler is just alarming.

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