The Last Survivors’ Legacy: Remembering through song

by Leah Rosenberg

How does someone celebrate the legacy of Holocaust survivors? What is there to do to keep the survivors’ legacy alive? Watch an inspiring music video.

The Last Survivors’ Legacy

From hundreds of thousands of holocaust survivors after the Holocaust, there are now tens of thousands of survivors that are living . We must keep the survivors’ legacy alive. Educating the next generation about the Holocaust is vital.

Gad Elbaz and Benny Elbaz teamed up with Saul Dreier of the Holocaust Survivor Band and created a meaningful music video and song. Music videos can be a powerful tool to help remember those who perished in the Holocaust as well as those who survived to tell of the horrors.

Words to the Song

The words to this song are found in a prayer called Tachanun which is said after the silent prayer called Shemone Esray. The words transliterated are: Shimor Shearit Yisrael. V’al Yovad Yisrael. Haomrim Shma Yisrael.

The English translation (Courtesy of Guard the Remnant of Israel, and suffer not Israel to perish who say “Shema Yisrael” – “Hear O’ Israel.” The Jewish Virtual Library also mentions how the term “She’arit Yisrael” – “Remnant of Israel” was applied to the Holocaust survivors following WWII. It is the prayer of the Jewish people for God to keep the remnant of Israel – the Holocaust survivors – alive; to keep their legacy alive.


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