Elderly Couple Harassed by Leftist Antifa Youth

by Avi Abelow

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“Nazi Scum off our streets” Antifa youth scream at an elderly couple trying to cross the road to a political rally that they disagree with. This took place in Hamilton, Canada a few weeks ago. It shows the depth that some leftist activists have fallen.

This took place at a protest at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada. Leftists were protesting an event called “Uncensored: The State of Free Speech in Canada,” which featured American political commentator Dave Rubin and People’s Party of Canada candidates Frank Vaughan and David Haskell, who is also a Laurier University professor.

The man harassed in the video with his mother, Dan Henderson, penned an op-ed titled “Apparently, I’m ‘Nazi scum” after this disturbing episode.

Apparently, in the view of some, I’m “Nazi Scum.” I just didn’t realize it.

As I and my retired and slow-moving mother made our way to the front doors at Mohawk College — the PPC event was going to be her first political event in almost 40 years since her ex-husband was a town councilor — a black-masked and rage-filled youth decided to scream as loudly as possible in her ear that she was a Nazi.

On our way in, those same mask-wearing youths decided they wanted to “school” me on how I was also a Nazi. The irony of this attempt to be educated by the uneducated outside an institute of education is not lost on me.

What these bullies did not realize is that I’ve already had an excellent teacher on the subject. My grandfather.

And unlike these misguided youth, he actually went to Europe to kill Nazis. He served in England, Italy, France and Germany.

My fondest memories of my childhood were sitting on the carpet next to my grandfather’s recliner, wide-eyed as he would tell story after story of World War II. Yet, despite the horrors he endured, each story was laced with a life lesson well beyond the norms for his generation. I remember him explaining why racism doesn’t make sense since you can take the heart out of a black man and put it into a white man and it works just fine.

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