The Judean Round Table on the Newest Hilltop the Left is Trying to Stop Building

by Avi Abelow

Givat Ha’eitam, or the Hill of Eitam, is the newest, and last, hill of the Judean Hills community of Efrat to be built. The existing community of Efrat already consists of six different hills with over 10,000 residents. This last hill will more than double the existing community and the anti-Israel activists and Arabs are doing everything they can to stop Israel from building up this hill. Hear the truth about this hill in this weeks Judean Round Table.

The Judean Round Table

Welcome to the proud Jews of today who stand up proudly and strongly for their Jewish identity and their ancestral homeland, Israel. Welcome to the Jews of the Judean Round Table. Each week this group of proud Jews go around Israel to different locations to speak about the burning issues of the day. No more political correctness. They are unabashedly proud of their Jewish heritage and the ancient connection between the land of Israel and the Jewish people.

While other Israel advocacy groups speak in political correct terms that people want to hear, the Jews of the Judean Round Table believe that what is missing today is speaking the truth loud and clear. Being a Jew is something to be proud of. Standing up to defend the State of Israel and the Jewish people is a privilege, not a duty. And they are not shy about talking about the ancient Jewish connection to the true Bible belt, the hills of Judea & Samaria, inappropriately called by the rest of the world as the ‘West Bank’.

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