‘The Sound of Silence’ Israeli Performance That Brought Tears to the Judge

by Avi Abelow

WOW! That is the one word that sums up this phenomenal performance by the most special band in the whole wide world. Welcome to the Shalva Band.

The Shalva Band

Shalva is a registered non-profit organization in Israel that supports and empowers individuals with disabilities and their families in Israel. It is an amazing organization that does so much for so many disabled youth across Israel.

The Shalva band is one of the inovative ways that Shalva works with their youth. Having a disability does not mean that someone has to give up on their dreams or talents. They are talented too! The Shalva band is the biggest example of mainstreaming disabled youth. They perform all across Israel and all over the world!

This rendition of the Sounds of Silence was performed in a contest in Israel where the winner will be the official representative for Israel in the global Eurovision music contest.

Can you imagine if the Shalva band won this contest and represented Israel on the world stage? What a beautiful sight to see! The contest isn’t over yet, but the Shalva band has become a sensation in Israel, and with the judges.

They are super talented, lovable, unified and an example of the beauty in humanity.

At every step of this contest they have brought some of the judges to tears, not just because of who they are, but because of how talented they are and what they represent.


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