Hillel Neuer blasts UN Human Rights Council for the “Big Lie”

by Leah Rosenberg

Hillel Neuer is the executive director of UN Watch which is a human rights NGO that monitors the UN. He is fearless when he calls out the UN!

UN Watch at the UN

If you have ever heard Hillel Neuer speak for UN Watch at the United Nations, you know that he is worth listening to. He always speaks up for what is right and just and will defend whoever needs to be defended. Neuer condemns the UN whenever it is necessary. He is not afraid to speak the truth. And because the truth seems to be lacking so much at the United Nations, it sounds good and refreshing to hear it being spoken.

Sadly, the UN Human Rights Council is filled with non-democratic countries who have no ambition to change. They do not want to improve. They do not want to create free and thriving democracies. That is clear by how they have acted and have not changed throughout all the years.

The “Big Lie”

Neuer makes an excellent point in the way he calls out the UN for having so many non-democracies on the Human Rights Council. Those who defend the UN say that they need a “big tent.” They want to give people and countries the opportunity to improve. But these countries do not want to improve! So, as Neuer so rightly calls it, it is not the “big tent,” but rather the “big lie.” Just take a look at all the countries who have been elected and reelected to the council. Did anything change? Or have they just become worse and worse? Sadly, it is the latter.

Motivation for Terror
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