The Jaw-Dropping Story of How a Famous Actor’s Son Came to be an Orthodox Rabbi

by Leah Rosenberg

Every person has a story. Every Orthodox rabbi has a story. But there is no question that this rabbi’s story is very, very unique.

The Remarkable Journey to Becoming an Orthodox Rabbi

As you listen to this story, it is filled with more and more surprises. It is filled with events that will leave you in awe. Some Jewish men have a somewhat regular journey to becoming an Orthodox rabbi. And some don’t. Rabbi Jonathan Rietti’s story is one of the most remarkable stories out there. Your jaw will literally drop open as you listen.

It doesn’t always happen that we request something of G-d and make a “deal” with Him and that He then has things play out exactly as we stipulated. But G-d is always there, and He is always listening. He always wants us to turn to Him for our requests. And He always wants us to work toward improving ourselves and become close to Him.

If we open our eyes and look for Him, we will see He is listening. We will feel His presence in our lives. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Stories exactly like this one are unique. But they teach us important lessons about G-d. And what happened in this story cannot be explained by “chance.” A story like this one reminds us that G-d exists and cares about each and every one of us. There are amazing true stories out there that give us the inspiration we need to continue seeking G-d even when things are difficult.

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