Obama Partnered With Terrorists to Commit This Disturbing Crime

by Phil Schneider

Barack Obama’s legacy as President will be remembered as an ambitious and idealistic liberal President who worked to reform the healthcare system of the United States. His signature project was coined as Obamacare. Democrats praised it and pushed it through. Republicans largely rejected it. The Supreme Court validated it as a tax and allowed it to go through. It will be debated for decades. But Obamacare should not be remembered as the most important thing that happened under his administration.

What is not as well known are Obama’s foreign policy decisions that will have a long-term impact for decades to come. He wil certainly be remembered for finding and ordering the killing of Bin Laden. He deserves much credit for that operation. It was a success and it was extremely important. Much less has been heard of from Al Qaeda. Many things could have gone wrong, and he would have looked weak if it did not go well. But Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the administration certainly deserves praise for that decision to act.

But on nearly every other front, Barack Obama did not accomplish his goals or had negative policies which had a negative impact on entire regions. His failed Middle East policies led to widespread destabilization in Egypt, Syria, and Iran. These three countries experienced seismic changes that have all spelled disaster for their countries. Russia became aggressive in Crimea, and learned that they have nothing to fear from being aggressive with Ukraine.

The Syrian Civil War has spiralled out of control for years on end, while Iran enjoyed the fruits of Obama’s appeasement strategy. Some argue today that Obama is continuing his policies to this day under the Biden administration. It certainly seems like that with every passing day. If so, Obama may also be responsible for pulling the strings behind the Afghanistan fiasco. The argument that Obama’s hostility towards Israel is deep and premeditated has many powerful proofs. The main reason to make sure a Republican candidate wins in 2024 is to rid Obama of whatever remaining power he has on the decisions of the Oval Office and the State Department.

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ewljr September 23, 2023 - 5:17 am

Traitor Barrack Obama sought to destroy the US Constitution & establish a dictatorial government. His goal is nearing completion.

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