The Israeli Eurovision Song that will make the Israel Haters Go Mad

by Phil Schneider

Ethiopian Jews who now live in Israel largely came to the Land of Israel in two big waves. One was in 1984 and one was in 1991. It is a story of tremendous success and integration into Israeli society.

The Ethiopian Jews who came were not wellbrough th versed in Jewish customs, but they fiercely held on to what they had over the generations. The Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel ruled that the Ethiopian Jews hailed from the Tribe of Dan, and therefore did not need to undergo conversion. This was a controversial ruling, but was largely accepted due to the tremendous esteem that people held the Chief Rabbi in.

Operation Moses was the term that was used for the amazing airlift that brought the African Jews into the State of Israel. Often, they ran for tens of miles and days straight to get to the place where they could be rescued. There little children were often on their backs. One of these children is probably the singer in this video. Yes, this video breaks whatever negative stereotypes anyone may have about the State of Israel.

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