Coronavirus: Israel Banning EU Tourists And Quarantining Those From US

by Micha Gefen

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spiral out of control around the world, Israel is taking new measures that may seem draconian, but completely necessary.

New guidelines will send thousands of Israelis that have been to EU countries and some US areas into self quarantine for two weeks while effectively sending back even more tourists.

Beyond this, many public gatherings have been cancelled or rescheduled. With the upcoming Purim holiday this is set to ruin much of the fun and activities planned.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was even set to address his supporters in a mass rally, but changed it to a small venue beamed to other areas in order to watch the speech streaming.

The Prime Minister asked everyone to abide by the new restrictions and refrain from shaking hands.

Israel has 25 plus citizens infected with the coronavirus and hopes the drastic measures will keep the amount affected low.

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